Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Chemistry Set- Impossible Love 7” (Fruits de mer Records winkle1)

The Chemistry Set is an old UK psychedelic rock band from the 80s. I have not heard these folks in years. The title track is a very catchy track but it has a brilliant psychedelic side to it and features very melodic male and female vocals and a lot of psychedelic layers of stuff in the sound. It is quite funky and spacey at the same time at the end. A brilliant number. A very old Rolling Stones track called We luv You is the b-side and this is played with a bit of Syd Barrett thrown in with like electronic driven beat, which I am not sure I like so much but the rest of the track is cool and very different than the original. Great records and limited to 300 copies on a cool blue vinyl.

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