Friday, June 3, 2011

Lunar Dunes- Galaxsea (4 Zero Records FZ009)

I recall reviewing another Lunar Dunes CD a few years back but here they are again with a great new hour long journey. As you may recall this band is a few members of Transglobal Underground are involved as well as Adam Blake from Cornershop and Julia Thornton from The Metaphors. The CD has 9 tracks of very well produced music, much of which was improvised by the three main members (Adam, Hamilton and Ian on the guitar, drums and bass), with the others adding harp, sax, vocals and keyboards. There is female voice on many tracks and a lot of different moods expressed. The CD starts off with the laid back and spacey Moon Bathing, Krupa Pattni is providing the very melodic free singing style that is featured on several tracks of the CD. Oriental Pacific also has this free floating psychedelic spirit as it slowly builds around the guitar of Adam Blake. Oh you strange Tune, starts with a loop and the very cool uptempo bass line kicks in as the track floats for a while before Adam picks it up with his guitar. The others are having fun with lots of strange sounds in the background as Ian and Hami really keep the drive of the track going. Pharaoh’s Dream continues the uptempo pace (or at least Hami does). Larry brings in some nice sax playing that is mixed nicely into the music and not too dominant as Adam plays some more spacey wah guitar. It gets psyched out at the end! Ayaz once again features Krupa but this track has a more funky groove and some nice delay guitar and some eastern stuff going on in the underworks of the track. Svalbard features some really nice harp by Julia (she also plays on 3 other tracks but is more highlighted here in this space beginning) as this one slowly grows over the 10mins. There is a lot of stuff to listen to and get absorbed. Nice ambience. Free to Do is probably my favourite track on this album starting with some great delay guitar stuff and going off into a very cool jam lasting 8½ mins. Eastern Promise has some nice harp, sax and female vocals played in a eastern scale. Quite cool. Off World Beacon ends this CD with a quite laid back mood with sax, harp, voices, and other worldy sounds. This is a very cool record with a lot of different styles of music expressed by these creative people.

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