Sunday, June 26, 2011

Roqueting through Space (Fruits de Mer Vol 18)

 Fruits de Mer is a really cool vinyl only label that releases quite a few limited edition singles and LPs. This is a pretty cool compilation of all bands doing cover songs of space or krautrock bands on blue vinyl. It also comes with a bonus 7” with some of the best music in this package. The vinyl artwork is quite cool and it comes with an insert with the information about the bands on this release. All the tracks on this compilation are unreleased and related to space. Vibravoid starts things off with a quite psychedelic track called No Silver Bird by a band called Hooterville Trolley. Great version though I have never heard the original. A band I am not that familiar with called Vert:x play I come from another planet Baby by Julian Cope. I never liked the original. This is probably my least favorite track on the record as it is a bit too pop psych. Others will probably really like it though. You have to decide.Helicon due a supercool and long version of Hallogallo by Neu! Side B starts off with Cranium Pie’s Baking research Station. What a great name! They play Blacksand by Brainticket and this is the most psychedelic track on the record. Fucking far out but cool. The luck of Eden Hall perform the classis Pink Floyd track, Lucifer Sam. Not as cool as the Dark Sun version but good. Frobisher Neck perform another Neu track called Isi. This is a very melodic floating version. The Grand Astoria playing CAN’s Oh Yeah and with harmonica, acoustic guitar and a very spacey atmposhere. Diarmuid MacDiarmada perform Telestar by a band called the Tornados. I did not find this track very interesting at all. The 7” record features the return of Alpha Omega (they released a cool CD I reviewed some years back). They due a very cool track where they somehow manage to meld Transdimensional Man and Paradox from Hawkwind. The UK outfit, Sendelica perform a good version of the Hawkwind classic Urban Guerilla with Nik Turner on board, who played on the original. A very cool compilation record.

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