Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dasputnik- Cyclokosmia (Art Safari Records AS0002)

Dasputnik is a really cool psychedelic space rock band from Turku, Finland. We met up with these guys when my band, Øresund Space Collective played in Finland in March 2011. Really cool people and I got to hear their first record, which I really liked. The band has been around about 5 years and this is their 2nd album. The band is five members with Tuomas on guitars, Ville on Bass, Marko on drums, Teppo on keyboards and Sini on saxophone, percussion and tubular bells. This is out on CD and I think also vinyl soon. The artwork is really cool and reminds me of Bland Bladen a bit. There are four tracks in 38mins. Orbitary Volcano starts things off and is a quite uptempo track with some nice guitar by Tuomas, which drives the tracks. The keys and Sax come in later and add a almost Spanish feel to it and are mixed in a special way. The next track, …Phantom Wakes, is the longest track at 12½ minutes and really influenced by GONG in the end section and totally blew me away this one. Cosmic Train to Anticreation starts with a dominant sax as it slowly builds up along melodic keyboard lines. Tuomas’s guitar is slowly mixed up as the track builds. Trinity Quadrilogy is another long track, nearly 11 mins and strong features the Sini on saxs and Antti on trombone as well. This a melodic and pretty high evergy track with some great interaction between the players and really builds up well and has some nice spacey synth stuff at the end. I quite like record a lot but the sound production could be much better. It sounds like the sound is very compressed and the guitar and drums are not very dynamic sounding but the songs are super cool!

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