Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gösta Berlings Saga- Glue Works (Diskret #6)

GBS are back with their third release. The band has released the vinyl edition themselves (300 hand numbered copies) and the CD is out in the American label, Cuniform. The record was recorded in 2010 at Studio Pelikaan and produced by Mattias Olssen from Roth Händle. Some of these tracks are five years old as the band has many many recorded ideas and songs that just need to be worked up in a studio. Here we get to hear about 40mins worth of cool music. The side A starts off with a 6min track called 354. It is an uptemop track with a cool spacey thread running through it with a major focus on the keyboards and mellotron. A short 3min piece leads into the Island piece which features some really cool guitar and the sound has this cool distorted edge at times. There is great interaction between the keys and guitar on this super cool track. Side B starts with Gliese 581g, which is quite mellow with mainly bass and fender Rhodes to start and with additional keyboards as well and a voice slowly filters into the music. The guitar and drums only come in the last two minutes and totally change the track and mood. Two shorter pieces are next. Waves is a cool 3 min track with a great bass line and horns and spacey vibe. Geosignal is only 2 mins long and a sort of intro to Sorterargatan 1, which I swear I have heard before. I wonder if they have played this live when I have seen them. This is a super cool track with a heavy cool sounding bass and very interesting and sometime Crimson like guitar lines that cross the keyboards in interesting and sometimes distracting ways. A bit symphonic almost at times but also something that could be in a horror film with the way they use the bells against the heavy bass line. This is a stunning track with a bit of a surprise how it ends completely different than it started with cello and almost like the orchestral stuff the Beatles did. The band also has five musical guest adding cello, French horn, tuba, trumpet, saw, and harmonica to add to the mystery and sound. I really like all this bands records and this is no exception. High quality instrumental music from Sweden and never predictable.

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