Friday, June 3, 2011

Trigon- 2011 (Trigon Music)

It has been a few years since I heard a new Trigon CD and the band have not lost anything in the mean time. This three piece instrumental band play very intense jazz rock musical workouts with some totally amazing and sometimes over the top guitar by guitar wizard, Reiner Lange. This is the first studio record with the new drummer Rudi. This CD features 13 tracks in 67 mins of pure instrumental prowess and a mix of reworked older tracks and new numbers. The opening track show Reiner playing some eastern chords as the lead guitar takes the front and lead in this high energy and complex work out with some great bass playing and drumming as well. These guys are tight. Roter Mond is more laid back to start and features some beautiful guitar as it slowly builds. Spacerock chick strikes back is a short 4 min burst with some nice delay guitar giving it a more spacey feel to it as Reiner uses his nice melodic guitar lines and effects to take the track to a new level. Tückisher Tonterror slows things down again with its more complex song structure as the band raise and lower the tempo. Reiner is always the driver though. Wunder is another slower track and I just did not get sucked into this one. Tanzen has Reiner playing some nice harmonics to start as this one takes a slow path as well and you get to hear some cool bass playing a bit more to the front. Zensation has a more aggressive wah guitar than the last several tracks. There is some really intense soloing in this track. Raff an Dörte features some very melodic soloing and I some repeated lines from some previous tracks. At this point, I am getting a bit lost as some of these tracks sound a bit too much the same now. Although half way through this he is using some new effect that sounds like a synth that slides in here and there. Herz der Sonne is a more spacey track with both the guitar and bass using some cool effects as Rudi kicks in the drums hard. Dekadenz und corruption is one of the longest track on the CD (I think at about 6mins). It slows things down again. Fata Morgana has really cool guitar which is all alone for the first minute before Rudi kicks and the track slowly builds. It has a sort of mid eastern flavour this one before the main guitar riff kicks in and he later revisits the earlier theme with some great guitar work. Trommeltraum is a drum solo and this leads into the last track Kamasutra Debakel, which starts with the bass and then the guitar takes the lead once again. As with all instrumental music it is sometimes hard to really draw distinct differences between the tracks after an hour. Overall, this is very solid and well produced material showing the band is still at the top of their game.

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