Sunday, June 26, 2011

Danava-Earthless-Lecherous Gaze Split 12” (Kemado Records )

This is one of those real records for collectors and little more. 750 hand numbered copies. 3 short songs playing at 45rpm on one side of the vinyl, with the other side just totally wasted and no music. I really never have seen the point of such a waste of space, especially when going to all the trouble to make a vinyl. All these bands had more music that could have gone on this record. Earthless has not released any new studio material in like 3 years and Danava as well. Anyway, Danava starts things off with the Illusion Crawls a pretty uptempo piece and a more raw less produced sound than their other records but equally complex stuff. Ok track. Earthless is next with Woman with the Devil Eye. It is a more bluesy track but sadly the guitar is mixed too low when Isaiah takes solos, he is way too low. What is up with that very bass heavy mix? The mix could have been much better. I had never heard of Lecherous Gaze but their track is called Get you some. This might be the best track on the LP! A very cool rock track with a raw vocal. An LP for collectors pity there is not more music as this was expensive!

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