Saturday, April 2, 2016

Warchief- Warchief (Phonospera ph08)

Warchief are a passionate hard rocking band from Finland. They are released on the cool Italian label that has brought us Da Capt Trips and Void Generator!  This LP feature three tracks on side A and one long one on Side B. The opening track just really builds on some cool riffs, powerful singing and takes you for a desert stoner feeling to a more heavy rocking area and sometimes doomy. Hounds of the Dune focuses more on Esa’s passionate and intense singing. I can really see him the way he comes across in the music. A Sleep like riff begins to grow after the main vocal section. I wish for some more lead guitar as I got a bit tried at times of minutes of just heavy riffing (some cool drumming though). Life Went starts with a long instrumental section before Esa kicks in and the track starts to build and the riff starts to smash your head.  Powerful stufffor heavy doomy riff rockers. For Heavy Damage is really a multi-dimensional track with many hard hitting sections, passionate singing from Esa and a cool lead guitar section. I found myself really getting into this. Powerful stuff. The next section seamlessly grows out of the 1st part and grows in a very cool way. Again the music tells some cool stories as the dry heavy doomy rock is mixed with normal riffing sections and more heavy stuff. There is a long melodic section, which is nice but I had hoped for a guitar solo before going back into the main heavy riffing again but I did not get it! There is a strange spoken word sample placed into the track, which is interesting. Powerful and great side of music.

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