Friday, April 29, 2016

Katakombi- Valeltava Kuolema TAPE (Hämähäkki Music 2015)

Katakombi are a Finnish band four piece band. I met one of the guys at Roadburn and he gave me this tape for review. It has three songs and starts off with Aukea (Open). This starts with an intense Finnish vocal over a simple heavy guitar riff. The drums, bass and synths slowly join as it gets more and more intense and scary. There is short break and then a more dreamy part kicks in and then a much more evil death vocals take over as the music darkens. Intense.. Kääntyneet Katseet (All Eyes Turned to) has another horror film like feeling to it like something is really awful is about to happen to a loved one. The voices are just as intense as the music and all in Finnish. This track is more heavy metal to start some how, then dark psych. It becomes really doomy and the Dark Buddha Rising influence becomes more apparent. Long track. Rajatilasta Todellisuuteen (Limit mode Reality) features the synth more up front than the other two tracks and the creepy vocals continue. This one kicks into almost thrash metal like territory and is spaced out, heavy and Evil stuff… If you are a fan of Dark Buddha Rising and Domovoyd, then you will also dig what these guys are doing. It is in the same sort of style.

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