Friday, April 29, 2016

The Heads- Burning up with… (Rooster Rock/Roadburn Festival Records RF007)

This is a double album of the Heads set on the main stage at Roadburn Festival from 2015. This was supposed to be the very last gig of the Heads but it has not turned out to be that way as they are still playing in 2016.. Anyway, this is a pretty cool record but it is nearly the same as the Tilburg 2008 release and the live at Koko, the Radio One… so unless you were hear and really want to relive this, give this one a pass perhaps. The band rarely ever changes the songs they play live. One version might be a bit more spaced here and there. They should have released the show from the Church the day before, as that one was one mindlblowing freakout jam and something totally unique, where this is more or less what you expect and the same songs they always play. Legevaan Satellite is rare though..  Enjoy.. Only pressed in 500 copies on pink or green vinyl (250 of each colour).

Here is a video I shot from the show....  

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