Saturday, April 2, 2016

Imaad Wasif- Stranges Hexes (World in Sound WIS-3029)

I have never heard of this record before but I have to say after many listens I really dig this one! Imaad is based in California and he has been quite active doing a lot of collaborations and playing in several bands (Lowercase, Alaska!, and the New Folk Implosion), including the early formation of Sabbath Assembly. Check out the wiki page. Anyway this record features 10 tracks of pretty cool rock music that is a bit mainstream at times, sometimes psychedelic and hard rocking. A great mix of cool songs. Wanderlusting is a great start off track with just nice melodies, cool layered vocals and then just a killer rocking end section. I think what I liked about it was the sort of darkness vs. light in the happy melodies mixed with the more dark and heavy guitar parts but still always a pretty cool tune and sometime strange lyrics. Work checking out for sure. This record was originally released back in 2008. The promo sheet recommends this record for fans of Dead Meadow, Espers and Black Mountain? I am not sure.  The CD comes in a nice digipack CD with a lyric insert with a picture collage.

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