Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jakob Skøtt- All the Colours of the Dust (El Paraiso Records ELP031LP)

Causa Sui Drummer, Jakob is back with his 4th solo record on the ELP label. This follows the direction of his last record where there is a lot of live drumming laid down and then Jakob plays synths over the top. The opening track has a really great drum sound and cool vibe in this nearly 13min opening track. Very strange, effected and spaced out synths stuff at the end. Face Peradam has a really great synth link hook. Something about this one that I really liked. A mix of synth stuff goes on, with drony stuff, floating ambient stuff and other layers. What great drumming as well. Wow.. I was really impressed with the side A. The Variable starts off side B again with some pretty intense drumming. The synths are a bit more crazy and atonal at times but there is always that one very melodic one a bit more hidden in this track. Psychedelic stuff. Iron nebula has this sort of off balance synth that really does freaky stuff to your head when combined with the intense drumming. About 2/3 way in it changes to something more normal. The title track is ends this record. This one is wild to start but then an almost mellotron like synth relaxes you as the drums become more and more calm and you float away with the music. Cool stuff..

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