Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Throneless - Throneless (Heavy Psych Sounds HPS029)

Throneless are a new Doom rock band trio from Malmö, Sweden. This EP features 4 tracks in about 40mins. Slow heavy doomy riff rock. Masters of Nothing starts things off with some heavy riffing and some quite cool delays on the vocals, which give it a psychedelic feel a bit like Saturnalia Temple at times. The band just riff and riff and riff and sometimes I found it a bit boring and wish there was a guitar solo in these long parts where it is just repeating over and over and over. This track lasts about 9 mins. Cavedrones is next and sounds a lot like Conan. The vocal is nearly disguised and hard to understand. It gives it a creepy feel. This track goes through some more slow and faster parts with a bit more variation than the previous but still lacking in any interesting guitar parts. Thinning the Herd has some intense lyrics and drumming as well as the heavy guitar riff reverberates to start. Again this one reminds me of CONAN, with the sort of screamed vocal and it is the fastest track on the record until it slows down around 4 and half mins and gets a bit psyched out at the end. Reaching for the Dead starts with some beautiful guitar before it gets DARK and a bit Ufomammut like. Very intense drumming at the end of this one. This is an album you really have to crank up LOUD and you can hear the entire thing at the link below.

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