Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Michael Padilla- Atmospheres- Ambient Works Vol 1 (Fruits de Mer Records Strangefish 7)

Michael has previously provided some other tracks for different compilations on the label but this a full length record with 3 long tracks and one short track of ambient space stuff.  This is totally different from the stuff he makes with The Soft Bombs and Dora Flood. Northern Lights is 11 mins and starts things off is extremely floating with these lush synths just slowly moving in waves as other things slowly happen. Great stuff for a late night or early Sunday morning after a hard Saturday night!  Just let it take you away. Crossing east is around 11mins and is equally laid back and ambient space stuff with a repeated line that he slowly layers another synth that sounds a bit like flute or violin at times. You can hear the track below. 

Ecstagony has a darker vibe to it and starts with a deep and slow growing synth drone before the more beautiful, relaxing synths layer in. The Waiting is a short 3min piece that ends this spacey ambient journey again starting with a more deep synth and then the more happy french horn like synth comes in and the mood changes. This is pressed in a limited edition on vinyl only....

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