Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Taylor’s Universe- Across the Universe (Marvel of Beauty MOB026)

Robin Taylor’s group called Taylor’s Universe is back with a compilation of recent tracks from his last 2009-2015. They have been rearranged, partly re-recorded, remixed and remastered.  It is mostly the same cast of musicians as on most of the recent records with the noted addition of guitarist/synthesizer player Frank Cavalho (from the group Etcetera!) on 3 tracks. The CD starts off with Salon Bleu. This is one of three tracks from the Kind of Red 2012 record, including Firestone, the 2nd track. The sound production is very clear and modern and all members saxophone (Jacob Mygind), minimoog (Thomas Thor), guitar (John Sund) all take nice solos. Klaus Thrane is playing the drums on all tracks. Firestone has a particularily nice guitar solo by John and nice organ by Robin as well. Days Run like Horses and Fame is next and is reworked from the original 2009 recording called Artificial Joy. Days run like Horses features some very nice synthesizer playing at the beginning before the sax kicks in.  Fame is the first to feature Frank on guitar (right channel) and John (left channel). There is some really crazy synth stuff at the end of this track. Tortugas, reworked from the Kind of Red record starts with some really nice synth work . Robin plays all the instruments except the drums and minimoog. Mooncake and Haunted Yellow house are from the Return to Whatever CD sessions also from 2009 and again feature Frank on the guitar on Haunted Yellow House and some minimoog on Mooncake which closes out this CD. If you are a fan of Robin’s more recent works, then you will probably enjoy this quite a lot.  Great instrumental prog rock jazz stuff played by excellent musicians.

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