Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Dirty Streets- Whitehorse (Alive Records)

I was quite a fan of this bands last record Movements on the Bilocation label. This is the bands 2nd records on Alive, forth total since their debut in 2009 from the trio from Memphis, TN. The band features a trio of happy looking guys. The album features 11 short focuses rock and roll songs with the focus on concise songs, no messing about, not a lot of solos or jams, very straight up but some fantastic songs like the opener Save Me, which is like Humble Pie or the Faces. Looking for my Peace has a harder riff like Cactus and some cool wah guitar. Accents features some nice acoustic guitar and changes things up a little. They have some fun at the end with some piano and singing but I would have preferred they ripped into a jam but that does not appear to be there thing.  Think Twice has a nice heavy riff, one you have heard many times before and again reminds of Cactus. They throw in a short wah guitar solo at the end. When I see my Light starts with just Justin singing by himself before the heavy blues riff kicks in and another cool song begins. Nice wah solo under the vocals at the end. Good Kind of Woman starts the 2nd side of the vinyl and is a bit more of a laid back vibe that only last 2mins. The Voices features acoustic guitars vocals, shaker and is a nice change. Cool song. Good Pills and Plain both have great footstomping grooves. Dust is a great song and more 60s sounding with a cool psychedelic wah guitar and also some nice acoustic guitar.  The title track (which you can hear below) ends this record.

If you are fans of bands like the Cactus, Dirty Grass, Radio Moscow, Datura 4, then you will probably like this record. The songs are shorter and more focused and there is not that much lead guitar work but really solid 70s inspired rock songs. I wonder if they jam live???

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  1. A nice sound indeed. Checked em out since you mentioned Radio Moscow and Datura4. The later which I think have made one of the best albums this year. :) Found through you ofc. ;)