Saturday, March 23, 2013

Troubled Horse and Hound- BETA, Copenhagen March 22nd, 2013

My friend Tom came over for dinner and we heard some music at my place and then walked down to the club BETA. We arrived about 20mins to 22 and there were maybe 25 people. We ran into Thor from Syreregn and had a great chat. His friend was doing the DJ job and playing some cool music. HOUND started off a bit after 22. HOUND is an electric solo blues project from the singer Christian from the Danish band, Pet the Preacher (Bilocation Records). He played about a 30min set of tracks starting off pretty slow with some tracks that did not really grab me much. Passionate vocals. He was joined by a drummer (He might have said he was named Thomas?) for the last half of the set and this helped a lot and he even played some guitar solos. Christian has a cool voice and is very expressive but overall the tracks did not grab me that much. I filmed two songs. 

Set List: Intro>Pathfinder, Keep on Howling, Ghost world Hobo, No Good, Others in the Night, Travel Light, Blood Filled Universe

Since Hound set up on the floor in front of the stage it did not take long before Troubled Horse hit the stage at 23 sharp. I had a nice chat with the guitar player before and he remembered talking with me and hanging out a bit at Roadburn a few years back. Anyway, they started off totally rocking with the track Tainted from their record. The singer is a big guy and a good showman really funny and singing really well. The whole band is really enjoying themselves and he said this was bigger than most crowds they have played to in Sweden and they were happy to be here. There was maybe 60 people watching now. The guitar was great and did plenty of solos and you could hear he was very Richie Blackmore inspired. They played one song not on their record called Weep not Child and this had a pretty cool jam and lucky for me and you, I filmed it! IT was a rocking and very focused set with no messing around. I think they played about 50mins, which is way to short for a head line band. They could have at least played the other two songs from the record?? 

I have a long talk with the guitar player after the gig and he said the others are not really into jamming at all and are not used to it but he would love to jam and experiment more. We will see… 

Set List: Tainted Water, As you Sow, One Step closer to my Grave, Sleep in your Head, Shirleen, Weep not Child>Jam, I've been Losing, Bring my Horses Home, Another Man's Name 

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