Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BONG- Live at St. Mary’s Old Church and Burial Ground (MIE014)

This is a very limited release in only 250 copies on vinyl and digital release only. It comes in a black and red sleeve with a heavy cardboard insert with a one sided image of the cover (I don’t see the point of this insert being exactly like the cover unless you want to hang it on the wall. Anyway, the record is two long tracks, starting with the intense Church track. IT starts with a small space out and hymn before the pounding drums kick in. It is a long droney trip like all the BONG tracks. I had hoped for some cool spacey lead guitar but just heavy riffs and trippy baaja… Intense… Flip the record over for Burial. This side slowly fades in as David starts the hymn of the dark side and the music reverberates and nearly shakes the floor. It must have sounded amazing in that church. Later the vocal returns as the track has gained a lot of intensity and the drums pick up speed. One has to keep in mind that BONG is about the live heavy drone experience. They are not changing their style much and for most people it would be hard to tell these tracks from any number of other long drone tracks they have done in the past years but whenever I crank this up, it still sends you to that spaced out place. Not a lot of innovation here but heavy, spaced and droned out to the max…

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