Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ektroverde- Music for Outlets tape (Ruton Music RUT 005)

Ektroverde is a Circle side project that appears every few years with some strange but often cool music. I really like the space rock stuff they have done but this is not at all in that category. This release is all fast tempo electronic loops and drums with some strange sound effects mixed in. You might hear such strange stuff in Outlet stores (in Finland??). One of the tracks on the b side of the tape has some really cool bass line running through it.. Real bass or synthesizer?? Sounds like bass to me.. The very last track also finally slows things down with some more bass and a different lead synths sound. The material was recorded in 1996 and 4 of the 5 tracks from the Music for Supermarkets Mini-CD (released in 1997) are also included. Wonder why they left one track off (Kierros). The tape is limited to only 100 copies and is probably already sold out but you never know..  It gets a bit repetitive and uninteresting eventually.  Pretty much only for the hard core Circle collectors..

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