Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Papir- III (El Paraiso Records EPR012)

The all instrumental rock trio from Copenhagen are back with their 3rd record in 3 years. The vinyl only release features 5 tracks and follows in the footsteps of the sound and feel of the last brilliant Standum double LP/CD release. Untitled I starts off with a cool vibe that slowly builds into a really intense frantic guitar driven piece that returns to the brilliant spacey melodic guitar line that lead the track. Great telepathic energy between Christian and Kristoffer on the bass and drums. Unititled II starts very slow and melodic with the bass lines really sticking out nicely to lead the way as Nicklas slowly builds up the guitar melody and path to enlightenment. This one the band sticks to repetition until nearly the end when it breaks down into an interesting more heavy 70s style riff and solo. Unititled III ends side A and is a short 5min mellow melodic delay guitar driven track that just floats.. Flip the record over for Untitled IV, the long track at 15mins. It starts with some wah guitar and a strong driving bass line. It goes through a lot of dynamic changes and some spacey sounds are layered in here and there as well. The end a quite heavy guitar riff kicks in and then some dual layered guitar soloing takes over as it gets quite psychedelic. Great song. Track III-IIII is nearly 7 mins and end the record. It starts slow and spacey with Kristoffer slowly building up the drum tempo as Christian glides the bass groove. Nicklas takes his time to find the notes he is searching for, while another layer of spacey guitar is layered in. A killer bass line eventually drives this one to a cool conclusion as the guitar maintains it’s own unique space. The track ends with some heavy riffing and a great solo.  Another super cool record.

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