Saturday, March 30, 2013

Radio Moscow- Rancho Tehama Airport 7” (Volcom VEC031)

This is the first 7” of 2013 on the Volcom singles club and a very cool one it is. The B side features the old school acoustic blues track Sweet lil' thing, that could have been recorded in a small hut in the Mississippi backwoods in the 50s! Passionate stuff. Flip the record and you get a new electric track called Rancho Tehama Airport that rocks like a mutha and has a cool riff. Only 375 made of this one. I managed to get 116..  it is a bit annoying that the sleeves are slightly too large to fit into the standard plastic 7” sleeves that I buy..  Great 7”…..

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  1. The blue/gold translucent split looks pretty cool too...