Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Lucid Dream- Hits me like I’m Stoned (Fruits de Mer Records- Winkle 5)

Somehow this one got lost on the music table. Sorry.. It was released in June 2012 but I think it is still available. IT was pressed in 800 copies on coloured vinyl. Anyway, this 7” features two really cool tracks. They are quite young new UK bands, who only seem to release 7” records, which is pretty cool. The title track starts side A and is nearly 7 mins long. The track starts pretty spacey before the guitar kicks in. Lots of delay and a cool sound as the track really takes off and then spaces out again. I really like the experimenting side of this while it is still catchy stuff. Awesome psyched out track. Flip the record over for a cover of the 60’s band Factory’s song, Try a Little Sunshine. This track has a super cool guitar line as well that just reverberates like crazy. The organ is much more present on this track and really spacey. Would be great if these guys could afford to record all analog as it would make the sound so much richer, as they have the right vibe and the playing is cool. Great 7” record. Amazing, actually…

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  1. Really great stuff indeed! I liked the title track!