Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stoned Jesus- Seven Thunders Roar (Moon Records MR-5401-2)

Stoned Jesus is a pretty new psychedelic rock trio from the Ukraine. They have been around since 2009. This might actually be the first band I have ever reviewed from Ukraine. The CD has 5 tracks in 47 mins and all the tracks are long except Indian, which is only 5 minutes. Bright like the Morning starts slow and building with some cool floating guitar and groove. He starts to sing after 2½ minutes as the track builds and the guitar tone changes to a more heavy stoner rock thing but the vocal line has a great hook. Electric Mistress is 9½ minutes and kicks in with a pretty cool heavy stoner rock riff that gets the head banging! I really dig the way Igor sings. The vocal style reminds me of someone but I can’t say who at the moment. The guitar break section is longer and very nice with some double tracked harmony guitars as well, then back into the heads down stoner groove. At 4:50, the track slows and a heavy doom riff takes over for the next section. Indian is a more melodic track with this special stop start song structure that they go through. The track has many changes. Cool stuff. I’m the Mountain is a 16 minute track that starts off with acoustic guitar. The track really is a nice melodic journey with cool laid back guitar playing and vocals until the band turns up the power around 8mins. The track stays interesting and cool throughout the 16mins. Stormy Monday (not the classic T-Bone Walker song) is a slow stoney track to end this damn cool record and one that grows on you with more listens. I really look forward to playing with the band when they come to Denmark for the first time on Sept 15th at Dragens Hule in Copenhagen.

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