Saturday, July 21, 2012

Beautify Junkyards- (Fruits de Mer Records- Crustacean 30)

Beautify Junkyards is a new five piece psychedelic band from Portugal. The 7” features two cover songs. The first one is a Nick Drake song called From the Morning and it was recorded outside in a field! You can hear the bees, and birds at the beginning before the acoustic guitar and vocal, keyboard line kicks in. It is a bit more than half way before the hand percussion appears and the dreamy keyboard takes the lead. The vocalist sings the song really well. Flip the 7” over and the band play Fuga No.2 by Os Mutantes, who were a Brazilian psychedelic band. This is another acoustic guitar driven track and features a female singer this time and is sung in Portuguese. It is also a beautiful song with a really spacey ending and cool sound mix. The band has finished off a full record of cover songs and is looking for a label. Check out their bandcamp site. Enjoy..

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