Thursday, May 23, 2019

Uffe Lorenzen- Triprapport (Bad Afro Records AFRO0056LP)

Uffe, also known as Lorenzo Woodrose, is back with his 2nd solo album. This album features many of the same guests as the previous record and Uffe recorded all the regular instruments himself.  As the cover and the album title, suggest, this is a bit more psychedelic experience, especially if you understand the lyrics, and smoke a spiff and just lay back and take it all in!  The album features 8 track starting off with the quite spaced out Psykonauten! Some nice spacey synths by the Moody Guru on this one. Alting er Eet has a darker vibe and some angry vocals but musically, this is a lot like many of Uffe’s songs. Tripprapport, starts like a song from the first BW record but features some tablas and sitar to give it that extra Eastern psych vibe.  Lovely vibe. Side A ends with Angnkkoq (Greenlandic??) is an acoustic track with a drone keyboard and more laid back vocal and some interesting lyrics. Lille Fugl is a dreamy acoustic track with some nice flute playing and excellent vocals. Floden sees the return of the sitar and a bit more effects on the vocals to make it more psychedelic and trippy. Aldrig mere Ned has this really interesting tribal drums and vibe and is something totally different from anything Uffe has ever recorded. Cool stuff. The closing track Hallo hallo Frøken, is the only cover song, by the old Danish songwriting team of Vinding & Claëssen.  Another solid record with great songs. The guy is fucking talented…


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