Thursday, May 23, 2019

Liquid Orbit- Game of Promises (Nasoni Records NASONI207CD)

Liquid Orbit is from Bremen Germany and this is their 2nd full length record. This album features 6 tracks with plenty of great solos from both the organ and guitar. The opening track, See me Falling is a solid retro rocker with a nice female vocal (she comes across a bit more relaxed on this record, which I like better) and great solos. Shared Pain slows things down and starts with a more falsetto vocal at the start as the track slowly builds up and comes back down. A lovely song and keyboard solo that sounds a bit like a violin.  The mid section takes me back to early Pink Floyd. Some really nice dynamics in this track.  Please let her Go, starts with a nice slow funky groove.  The track slows down and gets quite psychedelic 4-6mins into it. So cool how they seamlessly cruise back into the funky groove where it all started. Great song.  Game of Promises is next and this one rocks pretty hard at times but also has a lot of changes and dynamics. Fly with Me is the most sort of mainstream like song but a beautiful happy song with the occasional spacey synth in the background for a nice effect. This goes a bit back to the Anders days from Mandragora light show Society! Yerlorene Karawane starts with a vocal chant, drone synths and then the bass and drums kick in and then the main guitar line as this cool psychedelic rock takes form. I love the middle eastern vibe on this one.  Excellent song and a great ending for this record.

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