Friday, May 3, 2019

Aton Five- Solarstalgia (RAIG R107)

Aton Five is a fairly new Instrumental Russian quartet from Moscow. The have 3 releases on bandcamp but this is their first real studio album. It was recorded at Mars Records.  It features 7 tracks plus two bonus tracks, recorded live in the Mars Studio.  The Dreadnought starts with a sample, and a quite heavy riff and sound, some might call it heavy metal. The synths dominate the track a bit later on before another round of guitar solos. Very solid playing. Journey starts with some acoustic guitar and a totally different vibe and feeling from the opening intense track. The organ reminds me a bit of Kansas!  They get right into rocking after 30 seconds. The middle secton comes down and there is an Apollo space capsule sample (or something like it) as an new melodic part takes fold. Each track keeps getting longer and time is nearly 10mins long and takes all the dynamics of the previous track and throws in some nice longer guitar and keyboard solos, as the band is having a lot of new ideas in this track. A Chain of Events comes out of the gate very quick and is the most uptempo track on the record. Nice interplay between the melody of the guitar and organ. Milky Way Incident is really the highlight of the album with amazing drumming and a Child in Time like intense ending.  Death is a short 1.32 min track as an interlude to the epic Endless Desert, which you can hear below. This ends the normal record. The live tracks include Journey, the 2nd track on this album (a bit shorter version) and a track called Woods made of Stone.  Great new Russian instrumental hard rocking prog…

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