Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Blue Buzz- Oh I 7” (Self Released 2017)

The Blue Buzz is a new young Danish band playing old school rhythm and blues music.  This is the bands first release and features 4 tracks. The band is a four piece with bass, drums, guitar, harmonica and vocals. Jonathan, the lead singer, also plays the guitar on some songs live. Oh, I starts things off as a slow blues number and well executed and mellow but then really picks up and goes back and forth between this relaxed and uptempo rhythm and a dash of harmonica thrown in. Hey Hey is a bit more of a foot stomping bluesy dance number and features some nice harmonica to compliment the track. Anyway, the B-side Peggy has a real old school sound with garagy drums mixed far in the back, and a raw guitar but clean vocal. Jonathan has this smooth voice.  If you just found this 7” in an old box you might think it was recorded in the 60s.. Pretty cool…

I recently got to see the band play a two set live concert and it was mostly all original material except a small anti-war (Country Joe and the Fish) speech and a Muddy Waters cover. I really enjoyed them. Good chemistry and a real retro sound.


  1. The Sonic Shamen - Tribute To Lemmy is so far album of the year for me.What do you have brewing in 2017?

  2. So happy you liked it. ØSC- new double LP, New Black Moon Circle, ØSC- Inside your Head 2LP (first time on vinyl!) are all coming out this year. Thanks for the support...