Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fribytterdrømme Release Party- BETA Records, Copenhagen April 6th, 2017

Pic by Jimmi Brandt
The local Copenhagen psychedelic rock band Fribytterdrømme had a small party at a local record store to celebrate the release of their 2nd full length record called Superego. They have previously released a 7” and 12” (one sided) record as well.  I have been friends with the guitar player and main songwriter, Lau, for a few years and it was nice to come out and support him and his band. 

There was about 100 people there and Lau performed 3 tracks from the new record. I think he started off with Seer and then played Solen går Ned (Sun goes down). The last track, Mantra, in a long extended version with guitar loops, Indian drone box, etc.. It was very cool and he sang really passionately. They did not play the record in the store, which was a bit strange. I guess there was about 100 people. You can watch a video from the new LP below. I will soon review the record (when Lau comes by with a copy!). Cool Danish band and nice people.. Peace..

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