Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Kopf Musik 3CD set (Fruits de Mer Crustaean 79)

This 3CD set is a great selection of tracks taken from many of the different compilations that the band has released. Some of these on vinyl, others are special releases for the subscribers of the label, festival promo cds, etc..  CD 1, all the tracks (covers of classic Kraut rock bands (many from the Brain Label) was released on the FdM double LP, Head Music. CD 2 contains the rest of the Head Music, plus the Shrunken Head EP, a few from Roqueting through Space (4) and Vespero’s Juniper by Faust, from the FdM annual 2013 CD.   Finally CD 3 has a great version of Brainticket by Astralasia, Starship Memory by Ax Genrich and Sunhair and finishing off with the 22min version of China (Electric Sandwich) as covered by the Bevis Frond!! 

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