Monday, April 17, 2017

The Sonic Dawn- Operaen, Christiania April 15th, 2017

The local Copenhagen psych band, the Sonic Dawn were having a release party for their new LP called Into the long Night (out on Heavy Psych Sounds on April 21st).  I had not seen them play since the Kildemose Festival 2 years ago and wow, what a development. I had seen the bands previous band, The Mind Flowers once or twice but this is a band that has made a huge development.  

I showed up early and was able to hang out with the band (Jonas, Emil, Niels, Erik and Morten) before all the people arrived and chat. This was a very special show as both of the extra musicians that have played on their records were going to perform live with them today; Erik, keyboard player from Siena Root (and Dean Allan Foyd) and Morten on vibraphone and percussion. They were both really cool guys.

I had some time to catch up with some of my friends, Tom, Scott, Lone, Mogens (it was his birthday!), Jiri, Kasper, Joachim, ET and many others. The band hit the stage at 23 and the place was about ¾ filled with people. The vibe was really great but it was a pity they did not have any light projections today, just pretty boring red and white lights that rarely changed much.

The band played started off with a track called Japanese Hills (a digital only song from 2014) and then two songs from their debut album before they started to play the new songs. The sound and vibe was a great. Erik really works great to fill out the sound and Morten played only percussion stuff on these first numbers. Later he would do a killer and long vibraphone solo (don’t remember which track. It was great to see the band stretching out some of the numbers and having a bit of a jam. Emil did not do many guitar solos in the first half of the show and seem to really loosen up and let go more in the 2nd part. The entire band was playing great and the bass playing on the encore track, where Niels plays nearly as the lead instrument was awesome. We did not get a drum solo but Jonas and Niels have a special feel for each other’s playing. I had a fantastic time and I think everyone was smiling and joyful after that 75min concert. What a great night.

The party continued until 4 in the morning with several DJs. The first guy played very spacey stuff and a lot of instrumental music. A guy named Mogens played a killer selection of 60s 7” records that had the place dancing. It was so smokey in this place that I was starting to feel unwell and had to head home before Lorenzo Woodrose would DJ at 01:45…. After Guf was Aske, the concert organizer from Svendborg, who always dresses in a cowboy hat. Cool guy. It was a great night.. Sorry I did not shoot any video.

Set List: Japanese Hills, Watching Dust Fall, All the Ghosts I know, L’espion, Emily Lemon, On the Shore, An easy heart to Break, Six Seven, Lights Left On, The Mustang, As of Lately, It’s Tomorrow, Summer Voyage.

Encore: Fading Soul

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