Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Colour Haze- In her Garden (Elektrohasch 011)

The band did not take that long to come back with another new album which is cool. The band has expanded their sound and approach to songs on this recorded and recorded most of this stuff live in one take with some overdubs, going for a more live feel. After a short intro the band Kicks into Black Lilly, which reminded me of a less funky Grand Funk and Stefan sings in a sort of high register. This one features a nice long guitar solo. The sound production has a bit more of an open feeling (more reverb) (which is a good thing) on this track. Magnolia features some keyboards that I find a bit strange, not fitting that well but it sure makes, a pretty straight up Colour Haze instrumental sound different!! Stefan actually experiments with some effects (pedals or added to the guitar channel afterwards) to change his guitar tone (finally!!!!). Abores kicks in quite fast, almost like mid-jam and is a bit faster of a track and Stefan plays some super cool guitar and uses some cool effects pedals. Nearly the first time ever!! Sdg1 is a strange interlude track with horns. I liked it. Lavatera starts slowly but then kicks in with a quite heavy riff.  The vocals kick in around 3mins. After the first vocal section some nice organ kicks in. Later the band seems to be actually jamming out! Islands is next and  Stefan uses a wah pedal for maybe the first time ever on a CH record! Very cool sound and great playing and one of the longer songs on the record at 11mins . Later on the track there is some vocals and keyboards as well and gets a bit psychedelic at the end. SdgII is another short interlude track with synths and some drone. This leads into Labyrinthe and Lotus, two tracks that feature horns (the first) and strings (cello, violin and viola). Labyrinthe also features some sitar (?) and later the horn section. This is a really strange and interesting brooding, plodding track. I feel like some of the themes I have heard before (Led Zeppelin??) somewhere. At 5mins the track takes a new direction. Colour haze has never made a track like that. Wow!  Lotus starts with a repetitive guitar and bass line. Around 2mins the string section starts to play and different melodies take place  and Stefan starts to sing around 3.30 til 4 mins. After a brief interlude, the strings return and then the vocals. Sdg 3 features acoustic guitar and sitar in a sort of happy short raga. Skydancer has what I would call a signature Colour Haze guitar sound and groove. There is a nice section of guitar and organ interaction. The last track on the album is Skydance, where the band revisit their roots!

I have to say I was blown away and extremely happy to see this amazing band, let go of some of their chains (like Motorpsycho has done in the past 5 years), and allow themselves to have a new sound, a more loose free, jammy sound, use some guitar effects and open up.  WOW… stunned…. Amazing album guys. One I can just play over and over.

 ALso check out this interview where Stefan talks a lot about the new album and Colour Haze sound and how he hates jam bands and live improvisation. 

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