Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nathan Hall and the Sinister Locals- The Volga Sturgeon Face EP (The Hip Replacement )

Nathan Hall is the front man in the cool UK band, the Soft Hearted Scientists. This is a 4 song EP of 60s inspired tracks. The opening track if it had a more analog sound to it, would have fit perfect in 1967 with the harpsichord and strangeness. A really lovely song about everyone burning Effigies!  You can hear it below. Song for the Flowers features the harmonium and a bit of a folky flavor to it with intense backing vocals. Powerful lyrics about pant genocide. Like a Setting Sun is a mid paced track with a slow build as the instrumentation gets more and more layered as we move along in this 5min track. Catacombs of Camden Town ends this EP. The lyrics are great and I like the double tracked vocals. A simple but effective emotional psych track. If you like the Soft Hearted Scientists, you will for sure like this. My only disappointment here was that their were no more cool songs to hear!!


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