Sunday, April 9, 2017

Holy Mount- The Drought (White Dwarf WHD008)

The Canadian four piece band from Toronto, Holy Mount, are back with a new record on White Dwarf (Germany).  Side A starts off with a short intro piece (Ground Water) and straight into a heavy doomy track, Division, featuring a quite ethereal vocal (can’t really understand much of what is being sung). The sound production has quite a bit of reverb on it giving it a special sound. Later the track really speeds up and rocks out.  Basalt has a pretty cool stoner rock like groove and this eerie feeling as if something bad is going to happen. Great energy in this track.  Reminds me of Glowsun at times. Omni Cide is a cool and very dynamic track with heavy, dirt parts and cleaner guitar parts but still a pretty heavy crushing sound at times.  Side B starts off with Blackened Log. This features some synthesizer (right channel) at the beginning along with the guitar riff (left channel) before the drums kick in and later the bass. They almost get into a heavy trance on this track with the drums and bass just rocking on and this sort of post rock dreamy guitar lines that are repeated over and over in the background.  Blood Cove (hear below) is a slower and more moody track with a dark brooding feeling and a bit of a distorted bass and doomy horror film like vibe. I really like the stoney wah solo on this track at the end. The album ends with the title track, The Drought. This one features a more clear guitar sound and is a slow almost like ballad to start but then gets more heavy and intense as it grows. The ending is pretty intense. I miss some cool lead guitar at times as when out of riff mode it is all pretty simple melodic stuff and often does not really take me to the next level. Overall, a very cool album and great to see the band grow from the previous releases. I think this is their best stuff yet.

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