Sunday, June 18, 2017

Kris Gietkowski- Three of A Kind (Fruits de Mer Strange Fish No. eight)

UK based Polish multi-instrumentalist is back with a series of three classic albums that he does his own renditions of the albums. The albums are: Atomic Rooster- Debut, The Crazy world of Arthur Brown and the first album by EGG (which I reviewed last month).  These are all instrumental versions with the vocals left out and in fact on the Atomic Rooster, all the instruments except the drums are left out.. Bizzare…. I really like the first Atomic Rooster album and this instrumental version focuses mostly on the keyboards. I felt the drumming was the weakest part, just lacking that attack of Carl Palmer. Overall, you can just feel it is not played by a full band and one instrument at a time. The keyboard and organ playing is great but with out the vocals a lot of it is starts to sound the same and there is not a lot of guitar played either.

As for the Arthur Brown, musically it is pretty close to the classic record and very keyboard driven with not nearly as much guitar as the album. The vocals are all stripped away. I had a lot of problem playing this CD as well. Anyway, I can’t really give a strong recommendation for this set, although the EGG record is cool. I still would rather hear the original records than these instrumental renditions.  Kris is a talented guy but he needs to find a great band to put his talents into, rather than remaking others music.

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