Sunday, June 18, 2017

White Hills- Stop Mute Defeat (Thrill Jockey)

White Hills are back with another step into in a new area of psychedelia. While they have built their career up early on based as a high energy guitar driven space rock band, the last 3 records have really shown a growth in musical experimentation like never before.  I have to say straight up that if you are not into a sort of more old school Cabaret Voltaire electro 80s vibe, then this album is probably gong to disappoint you. There is still a decent amount of guitar on many of the tracks but nearly all the drums are programmed (from what I can tell and no one is credited with drums). Some of this stuff is very psychedelic and has a strong political message and is clearly an album to make people think a bit, much like the last one.  I got pretty tripped out on the record..  I wonder how they will put this together live on the upcoming Europe tour???  A much more visual experience, I expect.  Check out the great videos work Ego has done for the track below.. Attack mode reminds me of Ministry! Enjoy....

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