Saturday, February 11, 2017

Frozen Planet 1969- Electric Smokehouse (Pepper Shake Records PPR-Sk100-007)

This is the 2nd release by the Australian act, Frozen Planet 1969.  The three piece instrumental band follows in the lines of early Seven that Spells, Earthless, and Black Bombain other instrumental trios, with grooving bass and drums and some out of this world guitar playing. This album features 5 tracks and starts with Ascendant. This 12min track goes through a lot of changes but it is pretty hard hitting with intense bass and drums and some great wah guitar to start.  I like when Paul switches to some delay and it gets more psychedelic about 4mins into the jam. He can really rip it up for sure. The track comes down to a really spacey part but then really builds up again with some super cool spaced out guitars. Supersaturation (7:40) starts slowly and reminds me of a Jimi Hendrix or Radio Moscow like piece. Very cool effects not just on the guitar but also the bass!!  Shores of Oblivion is a shorter track with a more laid back vibe, a bit bluesy and smooth crusin until they start to mess about with all sorts of weird effects pedals and sounds. Sonic Egg Factory (14:29) starts off with an effect straight out of the last jam but then really takes off into an incredible jam. Then the band sort of goes into a totally different way with a lot of guitar strangeness and never really recovers the direction or groove. The album ends with a short piece called Fuse.
The whole album was recorded from improvised jams and if you liked the last one you will dig this one as well. They need to come and tour Europe!!!

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