Thursday, March 9, 2017

GONG- Polyfeen- Måneskjold- Stengade, CPH March 8th, 2017

What a great night this was. The show was sold out and I showed up early and talked with Johnny from GAS, and my friend Ulrik , while Måneskjold finished their sound check. It was great to talk and see the Måneskjold guys as well. They were happy and back playing again after a break. They would play two new songs tonight.  I also met many friends on this night- Sven, Lone, Aussi, Magnus, Nick, Claus, Jan, and many others.

Måneskjold hit the stage at 20:30 and rocked the place for about 35mins. A very powerful, sort of one-dimensional set but great, after a bit of a rocky start. The new song they opened with was very Hawkwind inspired (the guitar riff and tempo).  The three guitar attack was in full scale and they gave it 100%. Crowd really dug it and the room stayed full for the entire set. IT was a lot of older folks tonight, most who had probably not seen the band.

Polyfeen, an old Danish band from the early 70s, who has been back playing again, were next. This was my 3rd time to see them and they are great. 3 of the 5 guys are the original members and they play a mix of new songs and songs from their album recorded in 1972.  A friend of theirs did a sort of poetic opening monologue before the band hit the stage. The highlight of the set tonight for me was the excellent new songs called Silhouette. Wow.. Such a great interaction between the organ with leslie and the guitar player. This band has groove, lots of nice feeling and great 70s style playing. New album will be out before summer but I am not sure how is releasing it.

GONG.  Most people thought GONG would die after both Daevid and Gilli passed on in the last two years but a group of talented younger folks is keeping the flame alive. I bought the deluxe version of the new album last year (Rejoice, I’m Dead), which features some of the last recordings of Daevid Allen with these musicians. Anyway, the show had great visuals, great sound and a super vibe with a mix of new and old songs.  The audience was really into it and the singer, he could really tell and the band seem to have a great time as well. They played about 90mins. It was a fantastic night of music.

Set List: The thing that should be, You can’t Kill Me, Stoned, Kaptial, Rejoice, I’m Dead, OM Riff, Glid, Visions, The Unspeakable stands revealed, You never blow yr Trip-Tropical Fish-Selene, Tried so Hard

Encore: Prophecy

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  1. Hey, you should check out the singer Kavus Torabi's main band Knifeworld. Really good modern prog!