Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Expo Seventy- America Here and Now Sessions (Essence Music ESS025)

This four piece band I thought was from the 70s but this was actually recorded in the summer of 2012. The album starts of with a slow building jam with a lot of really cool delay guitar. By 8mins it is getting sort of doomy and spacey with some cool synth like sounds. Very hypnotic and towards the end of the first movement (over 20mins), the guitar takes a more relaxed and floating atmosphere with some more percussive interplay and synths. Justin, who plays the guitar, also does the synths so they are not played at the same time. Second movement is a long track based on bass and synth drones. After 8 ½ mins the drums and percussion kick in and the track gains some new energy. The guitar enters as a sort of totally freakout and then as the track is changing directions around 20mins, he starts to solo but it never really jams out. Track ends around 26mins. The third and final movement starts with a drum solo for the first 3-4 mins before the synth kicks in and then the track ends before it really goes anywhere special. I enjoyed the CD but the first Movement was by far the best.

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