Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Woodland- Go Nowhere (Crispin Glover Records WOOD1CGR071)

Woodland is band from Trondheim, Norway. The five piece band recorded the record back in 2015 but it is finally out now. Tbis is the bands 2nd record (the first was in 2014). The record features 10 tracks (LP also comes with a CD). The band play pretty straight up rock and roll with a fun vibe, sing along choruses, a bit bluesy at times, maybe even a little country thrown in. Got me Wrong starts things off and reminds me of the Danish band Bite the Bullet’s last record. Dead Set is a really great track with some acoustic track, animated vocals and a bit of piano thrown in. All in my Head is bluesy one with a bit of an effect on the vocal and a raw guitar sound.  The singer is a lot like the guy from Bite the Bullet. Funny. I bet these bands have never heard each other? Wild Eyes is a foot stomping blues track.  Very inspired by the American jam bands for sure.  Luck¨s Gone Bad ends side A with a nice passionately sung piano lead track that could have been recorded by the stoned hippies in Topanga Valley in the early 70s.. Side B starts with Dust Bowl (hear below) a nice bluesy foot stomper with some nice guitar playing. A song for a smokey bar with sawdust on the floor. Set me Free is a bit more hard hitting. I really like the slow stoney vibe of Long Gone and the slow patient vibe, just wish the song was longer. Great song. No Shinning Light has a quite cool hook to it and a whole chorus of backing vocals on this one! The title track closes this really cool record. A lot of great songs.

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