Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mothership- High Strangeness (Heavy Psych Sounds HPS049)

This is an album I had been really looking forward to. Met these guys a few times and they are super nice people and rock like a motherfucker. The album starts off with the title track, an instrumental with some great playing. I love the spacey effects, double tracked guitars and great bass line. Super cool way to start the record before they kick in with Ride the Sun, a killer rocker and I really like the laid back vocals of Kelley. Midnight express starts off with some drums (highly panned) and then the main riff kicks in on this slower almost doom rocker. Crown of Lies has a bit of a gallop to it and later classic metal riffing and some great solos later. Killer song.  Helter Skelter (not a cover of the Beatles) has another hell of a catchy riff in this short track. Eternal Trip starts off with just Kelley on the guitar (with a bit of delay) and then the bass comes in with a great back up and Kelley goes for a melodic solo and they do some nice panning of the guitars. A beautiful instrumental. Wise Man is another mid paced track but with a real headbanger feeling in this short 2 ½ min track. Speed Dealer is the last track and another one where Kelley plays some great guitar and I like the use of effects, double tracking, etc..  I was really gladly surprised to see the band slow things down a bit and write some killer mid paced tracks as I felt they had too many high speed tracks and it could all start to be a bit too much the same but man, this record opens it up wide for the band to create more diversity in their live set. Excellent record, Guys…

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