Saturday, February 11, 2017

Year of the Cobra- Hell over Hammaburg 7” (H42 Records)

This is a one sided 7” produced in 4 versions in a total of 220 copies to celebrate the bands first Europe tour and the Festival of the same name in Hamburg, Germany (where the label is based!). I am not sure but I hope that this track is 100% exclusive to this release, to make people more interested to by this since you don’t get a lot of music. If you don’t know the band, they are a duo from Seattle.    Temple of Apollo is an uptempo melodic hard rocking track lead by the cool female vocals. Pretty short, just cool bass and drum grooves and great vocals. It is all over in 3mins…  Check them out on tour in March in Germany! Only 160 copies of this 7” made, so it will be collectable.

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