Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sula Bassana- Organ Accumulator (Deep Distance DD37)

Sula is back with another solo album to follow up the excellent Shipwrecked. The album features 6 tracks of multilayered space music with a bit of rock throw in on occasion.  Side A starts with Lichtbündel. I really like this track, starting with some spacey stuff, a drum machine but later Dave kicks in with bass, guitars and really takes off.  Morgentau is more floating and relaxed with lots of cool synths and again drum machine as the main rhythm driver along with the bass synth.  The Frogs ends side A. I don’t hear any frogs but I guess you could say one of the repeated synths is a bit curpy!! I love the lead synth on this one with all the delays on it. Very spaced out. The title track starts off side B with some cool effected guitar at start that sort of gets morphed into the next section, where you bounce into a new universe with the organ and drum machine and synth drone. Cool… Grashamster is very chilled like the mid track on side A and very hypnotic and stoned. Nebelschwaden closes the album. It starts with some cool alien sounds (like the first track) but then a really cool groove kicks in (like slow GOA trance!!). I love the piano line that compliments the hypnosis you are going to undergo.. Another brilliant record…

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