Saturday, February 11, 2017

Stone House on Fire -Never Ending Cycle (Electric Valley Records, H42-036)

This is a totally new band for me. They are from Brazil and this record was recorded live direct to 2” tape!! It is the bands 2nd record. Wrath of the Sun starts things off and has a bit of an ominous feeling to it with its dark riffs, vocals and a cool psychedelic wah guitar section with some intense drumming.  The Rush is a strange track with the vocal sung in one way but the music a bit more muscular and what an ending. Purge and Purify is a hard hitting stoner number with a great groove and some nice jamming. The side ends with Anger. This one starts with just the drums and a cool bass line before the guitar kicks in. Great song.
Side B starts with a piano sort of intro piece (Pasaje) before the band kicks in hard with the Steamboat. I like the way the band mix in some strange sounds and weird effects into their strange QOTSA, stoner rock mix.  Electric Sheep is slower and more heavy and doomy. It becomes much more melodic with a nice guitar line along with the vocals before getting very angry and aggressive. The album ends with the long Never Ending Cycle, which features Rafael Inácio on Resonator guitar. This is another dynamic and hard hitting track and also spaced out at times. This band has a great mixture of sounds and styles but still being stoner rock!! Check em out.

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