Thursday, February 9, 2017

Tasavallen Presidentti- 1973 (Svart Records SRE001)

Svart records has recently come into a gold mine of old Finnish TV broadcasts from the early 70s and begun to release these on vinyl. I am a big fan of this Finnish band and Jukka Tolonen (the guitarist). I was really surprised about this record and it pretty much blew me away. A strange mix of prog rock, a bit of singing, some folky stuff but then strange chanting, and hypnotic stuff and cool drumming reminding me a lot of CAN!!!  Side A is one long 19min piece and side B a shorter 14 and half min track with a great wah solo and very hypnotic at the start, reminding me of CAN. Sadly, due to technical problems only 34 of the 56mins set was useable. Very cool album..  Limited edition of 500 and comes with a poster. 

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