Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dead Witches (Heavy Psych Sounds HPS048)

Dead Witches is a new UK band featuring Mark Greening (former Electric Wizard/With The Dead/Ramesses) and vocalist Virginia Monti from Psychedelic Witchcraft. Carl Geary on bass and Greg (Pearson) Elk on guitar (who died last year) fill out the line up. The album features  an intro and then 5 tracks (about 30mins).  The intro features some drony organ and slow melodic guitars and dies out before 3mins before really getting far. Dead starts the slow doom trip with a pretty basic doom sound and a very clean production with drums mixed quite high, nearly equal to the guitar and bass, so it sounds a bit strange to me. IT is the drummers band so he wants to be the loudest perhaps? Anyway, pretty basic slow building with passionate female vocals. Drawing Down the Moon continues things in about the same vein but rocks out at the end. A melodic guitar is played underneath (a bit too low) the main heavy riff. There is a short guitar solo again really buried as the track really picks up the pace towards the end and rocks out (Check out the video below). Ouija brings back the doom guitar (No god in Heaven, no god in hell is the main vocal line) and intense drumming but not much happening on this track. Mind Funeral has the most heavy riff on the record, a bit more of a groove and one for the doom bangers! A World of Darkness ends this short record with another track, much like the previous. I have to say, due to the sound production, which I did not like, this is an album I will not visit much. Pretty average doom does not really stand out in the genre, sorry to say. Check it out and make your own decision.

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