Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Golden Grass- Banquet- Wild Eyes- Killer Boogie (Heavy Psych Sounds HPS038)

Heavy Psych sounds is back with their 2nd 4 way double LP (single CD) release. In this case, each band has 3 shortish songs. The album starts off with the Golden Grass (from Brooklyn, NY). I am guessing these three tracks were laid down when the band recorded their amazing new record, Comin’ round Again. The opening track, which the band is playing live is called Livin’ ain’t easy. It starts with probably the heaviest guitar riff the band has on any tracks. It also has some great psychedelic guitar work. Catchy stuff. Flashing out of Sight is my fave of these three tracks with its more psychedelic nature. Their last song is a cover for the Texas band Bubble Puppy. They do a very cool version of Hot Smoke and Sasafrass. Killer Boogie is next. Gabrielle, the leader of Black Rainbows fronts this band, playing guitar and singing lead vocals.  Three kick ass rock songs that sound a lot like Black Rainbows without the spacey aspect. You will be Mine is a bit Blue Cheer inspired.  Make another Ride starts with a couple of mins of instrumental stuff and then the bass line takes over and Gabrielle rips it up and into the short vocal section. Rocking stuff and great guitar soloing on this one.  The Thunder keeps the pace high. Wild Eyes are a great SF Bay area band featuring Carson (Ex-Djenghis Khan) on bass. Intense female vocal driven rock is what you get with Wild Eyes. I loved their album a lot more than these tracks.. They seemed a bit too straight up and normal for me. Gator Shaker has a really nasty feel and fuzzed out bass. It has a strange fade down at the end of the song and then back up but only for a few seconds. Hot Sand is a pretty normal straight rock and roll number. Another SF bay area band, Banquet close out the 4th side. They have two originals and a cover by Baby Huey. Seven Sisters starts things off with a rocking dual harmony guitar thing and some intense changes before they hit the groove. Starmaker starts with some super intense guitar soloing on the left channel as the rest of the group waits for him to come down to earth and then the bass line kicks in and the band takes off. Great stuff. Runnin’ (by Baby Huey) ends this 4th side. IT is a fun cover but probably my least fave of their three songs. A great CD/double LP.. All the bands deliver…. Enjoy..

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