Thursday, May 12, 2016

Stone Machine Electric- Sollicitus es Veritatem (Self Released)

One of the guys from this band was on the tour with Wo Fat selling merch and Ken was saying how cool his band was so they gave me a CD. Thanks guys. This is another one of those duo (guitar and drums) that I always criticize as I always think it would be so much better with a great bass player and with two, the guitar players often don’t ever do any solos and then I get bored in the end. These guys are doing it right… 5 songs over 50 mins.. The CD starts slowly with I am Fire. Dreaming is like a slow version of Wo Fat, with those amazing fat guitar riffs and sounds and that husky voice (a bit like Church of Misery at times). Cool vocals. After about 3 mins Dub has a short spacey solo and a much longer one with some nice delays later in the track and then some double tracked guitars as it really builds up. Fucking cool stuff. He must do some looping to be able to do this live.. PorR starts slowly like the opening track and a slow spacey heavy builder of a track. IT has some nice spacey effects on the vocal in the later half and then a long spacey solo with a nice bluesy feel and cool use of effects. Demons is a lot like what has come previously, a slow growing track with some cool vocals and guitars. Kitchen, the name of the drummer, is a very solid player and they have a great chemisty.. The CD ends with another version of I am Fire (Slightly Burned). This is a much more spaced out version of the song. I really dug it.. Damn cool CD…. Great work guys…  Would be a cool band for Roadburn!

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