Friday, May 13, 2016

New Candy & Nicklas Sørensen- Drone Bar, CPH May 12th,2016

This was Nicklas’s 2nd solo show and although I did not want to go out to one of my least favorite clubs, I will to see my friend play guitar! I arrived at 21. There were a few people about and the entire Italian band were in one corner on their mobile phones….  We chatted a bit with Nicklas’s girlfriend and then at 21:45 it was time to go down into the basement. At first I thought I it might just be us two but within a few minutes there were 10, almost all women, and 20 or so people. Nicklas played 4 pieces.  I filmed the first one. Great melodic themes and cool looped parts. Sometimes he would have three different guitar parts looped and intertwined. Very creative. It was not that loud and hard to hold the attention of the people who were smoking like crazy by now and talking. I enjoyed it but was a bit surprised by the abrupt ending to the pieces.  Nice..

New Candy are an Italian band. Four guys with this 80s brit pop-psych look with the long bangs and sort of shoulder length hair. I only managed to see about 6 songs and then it was just too much smoke for me in the ashtray basement. Anyway, they had cool gear and a nice sound but it was all a bit too slick, UK 80s pop-psych inspired with delays on the vocals and despite having two guitars, they just messed about with their effects pedals to change their tones a bit but no guitar solos. All the songs were about 3 mins long or so, at least what I saw. Maybe they freaked out later. It did not really catch me. Interesting, that about 70% of the crowd was women… Unusual… About 35 people total, I guess.

Set List: Dry Air, Wolf Hear, Surf 2, Meltdown, Endless, Black Beat, Mutant, Dark ?, Overall, Thriller, Run

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