Monday, May 9, 2016

The Golden Grass and Travelin’ Jack- Lygtens Kro, CPH May 5th

I have really been looking forward to see the Golden Grass. I loved their first album and have played it so much and I just got the new one and it is also great and the songs are starting to really grow on me.  They blew me away at Roadburn 2 years ago..  Anyway, I went to Tom’s place before and we had a beer and listened to a new band called Grim Tower. It was pretty interesting stuff.  The only Golden Grass release he owns is the most rare one that was made in only 35 copies.. I recently managed to get one as well. Far out..

The show started really late. First band was supposed to play at 10 and Travelin’ Jack are a glam band and it took them an hour to get dressed so they did not start until 23:30 on this Thursday night.  Two guitars, bass, drums. The female guitar player did most of the lead guitar as well as the lead vocals. She kicked ass! This band had a great look and energy and the entire front row at the show was women! Rare to see that at a hard rock show anymore.. People were totally into their sort of more heavy rock version of Slade or something. Some nice dual harmony guitars in some songs as well.. A fun concert and very rare to see a female guitar player playing a Flying V and kicking ass with a lot of attitude and great leads…  This got people in the right mood for the Golden Grass.
Set List:  Reaper, I need Love, Thunder, Cold Blood, Black Tree, Madness, Home, Encore: Heavy Chain

The Golden Grass did not fuck around and tried to get set you as fast as possible. They have a new bass player since the last album and tour and he was awesome. Man, he laid down killer grooves and lines. Adam, the drummer and lead singer, is a monster drummer as well. His jazz training makes him a bit like Ginger Baker! Michael, the guitar player also does a lot lead vocals as well. It tight and rocking band with just great songs.. They played a good mix of new songs, old songs and two cover songs in their 45min set.. I was disappointed that they played so short but other than that they were amazing. I had such a good time but left quite soon afterwards as it was nearly 2 in the morning and I had to get up early…  Great night… Thanks to Rhona for booking all these cool bands.. 

Set List: Get it Together, Stuck on a Mountain, Livin’ ain’t Easy, Down the Line, Hot Smoke and Sassafrass (Bubble Puppy), The Pilgrim, Sugar N’ Spice. Encore: Wandering Around (Icecross)

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